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  New Showcase by Swaggums
Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 07-13-2014 05:50 AM - No Replies

New Showcase made by a Community Member!

Thanks for Sharing Swaggums aka SonTheSlayer!

BTSGaming.NET is constantly uploading our YouTube Videos!Click the YouTube Logo Image to Subscribe or View our Channel!

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Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 04-18-2014 05:35 PM - No Replies

[Image: gus3nWx.png?1]

I decided to update the general public on the new additions we are adding to the First Release of our BTSGaming.NET Life Mission.

Finished Projects:
  • We have added the Custom Skins for Police Vehicles and Police Skins. Anyone who has good photoshop skills, we are looking for you to edit these skins to make them more unique to BTSGaming.NET.
  • We have added Billboards located throughout the map that have our rules and regulations posted on them.
  • We have modified the HUD to show Money along side of Food and Water.
  • We have added Speed Radars with License Plate System. It will be kinda cool to see how this turns out.
  • We will be adding a front page to our website (landing page) so BTSGaming.NET will have quick access to important information.
  • We have added Teamspeak Ranks and Looking Forward to Hiring new Police Officers soon! Apply Here - http://forum.btsgaming.net/thread-911.html
  • We have activated the Donator Options on our Website to be available already!

Unfinished Projects of Release:
  • Surrender Options - So you don't always have to be shot.
  • Modifying some default Keys to make it easier for users to interface with our life mod.
  • Player Housing - With better pricing than some other servers. Permanent Player Housing that is.
  • Rebel Whitelist - The biggie, Independents will be whitelisted, and will be an application form for the Rebel Whitelist.
  • Improved Donator Options - Don't worry first time donators, you will still get the perks if we add them in during the months of your donation!

Future Projects of V1.1
  • Using the Ghost Hotel for Ghost Hunting! Capture Ghosts in your spare time and sell them to the Ghostbusters Shop! Earn lots of cash, but be careful, some people don't like it when you mess with the ghosts!
  • Bounty Hunter - Ability to fight crime without all the hassle of being a cop. Simple way to quickly earn cash is turning in those silly criminals who roam the streets openly.
  • Using Freight Yards for...well...Freight. Buy a truck, get your Trucking Simulator 2014 License, and go coast to coast with your truck and earn more cash than a regular delivery mission.
  • Ship Salvaging - Dive deep into the sea and find resources that are somewhat legal. Get caught with the gems of the sea and you might find yourself in jail.
These are just a few ideas we thought of V1.1. We welcome all suggestions in our forum suggestions. And we are really looking for some scripters to assist in the development of this mission file.

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  Upcoming BTSGaming.NET Changes
Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 03-23-2014 09:08 AM - No Replies

[Image: h8rO61w.png]

If you haven't heard already, RUST Server is closing due to inactivity. And instead, we have brought back one of our favorite developers in the ARMA 2 Life Server we hosted under the name of Ultimate-RP.com. The mission file is near completion and the website is undergoing changes to fit the life server expectations. We plan on doing this right. But since we are no longer "Ultimate-RP" the server will not have any mods.

Altis Life Expectations:
  • Two OPEN PUBLIC Police Department Slots - If you can't get onto the force right away, you can start out as a Cadet and join the server. Of course, everyone on the server will know you're a Cadet with your skin.
  • Working Donator Shops - Get a lot for a little. Get easily started on our server for only $5 and you get $20,000, Some Licenses, One Month Access to Donator Shop, and Donation Tag! - Donations will not be open until closer to release.
  • Not as strict system for ALPD. You apply. We review, interview, and accept or deny. Meet the Chief on a certain day, then get whitelisted.
  • If you make a mistake on the ALPD, you can easily get blacklisted. No free hall passes. Doesn't matter who you are.
  • Open environment. We want to make this feel more like a Takistan Life or a Garrys Mod server. We will encourage all users to still have a good roleplay experience, but not so strict on the roleplay experience. All rules will still apply, and if you choose to not roleplay with the officers, it will effect your time on the server.
  • Limited Time: Don't forget to check ways to make money in game in the How-To Section of our Forums! $10,000 - $100,000 If you're really detailed!
ALPD Applications are OPENING.
Applications will be open but not being approved. We will not be doing interviews till closer to launch day. We will be going in order of the applications.
Apply Here - http://forum.btsgaming.net/thread-911.html
Click Apply for Whitelist ALPD

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  BTS Teamspeak Issues
Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 03-06-2014 09:55 AM - No Replies

Recently BTSGaming.NET has altered our Teamspeak Host. Teamspeak is now hosted by a more dedicated Teamspeak Host with a better uptime percentage. We only have to pay less than 3 dollars a month! And we have full control over Teamspeak. Some hosting providers at that price block some of the major options that control our ability to have our community.

Teamspeak information does not change.

TS.BTSGaming.NET should still be working. However the Teamspeak IP which some of you used will not work.

New IP:

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Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 01-18-2014 10:07 PM - No Replies

[Image: RustLogo-Normal-Transparent.png]

We have officially decided on a date to completely reset the server. Due to the fact that there is a point in the server which makes most players want to start over and get a fresh slate. I know the feeling. At some point or another, we need to do a reset. A planned one is the best than a surprise attack from the RUST developers. So if all goes smoothly...

On Friday,January 31st, 2014, any RUST players are encouraged to be online for the last final battle of resources. The ARENA will be the location of battles. Shooting will be highly recommended in the ARENA. Any weapons are a green light to bring. Doors will be wide open, and we would like users to fight WITHIN the arena and not camp the outside. You are free to bring whatever you would like to the Final Server Battle. Including Explosive Charges! For this will be the final day for all your items to be considered yours. After, everyone will have a fresh start and items will be restricted/limited for the first few days.

The Server will be reset at 12:01AM, Saturday, February 1st, 2014. This means that the Friday before reset is the final ARENA Battles. Bring your teams, find a corner inside, defend it for your life. Server will be wiped clean. Nothing will remain. All bases will no longer be there. All personal gear, gone. Prepare to battle it out for materials once again.

What to Expect After Reset:
  • Restricted Explosive Charges - Unable to Create or Drop in Airdrops
Explosive Charges were becoming too popular. To make the game a more interesting enviorment and to increase trade, communication, and respect between its players, we will be removing the ability to craft or find Explosives and Explosive Charges until the communities are formed. This is a safety measure to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to start on day one.
  • No Longer Instacraft
Instacraft was making users quickly gain resources in which should take longer periods to create. Became issue when people were instantly making items in front of players bases to gain entry without knowning what they would of needed.
  • Community Involvement in Matters (Group Council Admins)
You are an important part of the community. Each group that joins our Teamspeak and plays within our boundries will be offered a position within a RUST Admin Council. No abilities within game, but abilities to vote in decisions based around bans.
  • Better Defined Rules based on RUST Server.
We plan on making a section on our website BTSGaming.NET Rules to make a clear understanding of what we expect the relationship between our players should be. These will not be strict but more a common understanding between everyone of what is right and wrong to do within the server. We will not be making crazy rules such as no attacking between the hours of 3AM and 10AM. We just want to clarify what you should already know.
  • Teamspeak Channels for Groups - We would like you to become more involved within the community.
Teamspeak is a great way for us to communicate with one another. I do know you all currently have your own Teamspeaks you use. And I know how it feels. I am NOT making it manditory, but with respect if you could please join our Teamspeak while on the server it would be much appreciated. We want to know our resources are being put to good use! You're more than welcome to switch back to your Teamspeak while connected. But if I need to contact a member of your group, its best I find you on Teamspeak than trying to figure out which group you are apart of. The Teamspeak IP is TS.BTSGaming.NET.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any questions, please visit BTSGaming.NET, register an account, and Private Message. I will not be able to take all questions through Steam.


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  BTS Hand Cannon Shootoff
Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 01-10-2014 10:06 PM - No Replies

[Image: RustLogo-Normal-Transparent.png]

Event Name: Hand Cannon Battles
Event Date: 1/10/14
Event Time: 3PM

Users will be brought to a private location where two players who have been stripped of all their gear will duel it out using the power of the mighty hand cannon. Each user will get 10-15 rounds of Hand Cannon Ammo, and a single Hand Cannon to use in the competition only. No user other than the Administrator will be armed at this event to prevent chances of robbery or murder. Any user not following the instructions of the Administrator will receive a minimum of a 24 hour ban.

Requirements to Attend: To encourage recruitment to the server, there will be no requirements for this event other than being on Teamspeak.

Prize for Winning: Signal Flares, Kevlar Gear, Research Kits, etc.

Can't Attend? The Community Event will be streamed live on http://www.twitch.tv/snipernosniping2 on your tablet or mobile phone!

Or join the server by pressing F1 in game and typing "net.connect" without the parenthesis.

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  News Update - BTSGaming.NET
Posted by: SniperNoSniping - 12-07-2013 07:22 AM - No Replies

Battlefield 4 Servers Cancelled

BTSGaming.NET has decided to close down our two Battlefield 4 Servers. Due to the server host and EAGames, they turned our launch day #1 server into the server no one wanted to join because of all its crashes and unable to remain online. As a community, we have decided to leave one feature of BTSGaming.NET available which is our Teamspeak.

Teamspeak Administrator Application Open
That being said, BTSGaming.NET has opened its Teamspeak Adminstrator positions and would like you to come join us on Teamspeak. We offer free services such as Teamspeak Channels to small groups and a place to stay when you're bored.

Donation Benefits Altered
Battlefield 4 Donations are closing. And BTSInvestors are still remain online but will be dropping in price. If we plan on opening any new servers in the future, we may bring new features to BTSInvestors Club.

I still believe BTSGaming.NET doesn't need to be large. We are friends who enjoy playing multiple games together and hope you would come join us. I believe we are in a good place right now and we don't need to grow into these large communities. If you think differently, feel free to bring in as many people as you possibly can into BTSGaming.NET and I'll reward you for your promotion of the BTSGaming Name.

Thanks for Reading,

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